When you want to get your workouts to a new phone, login to the same account with the new phone. The workouts will sync automatically to the new phone.
Note! If you have hundreds of workouts it may take a long time to get them to your phone.

If you don't have an account on the app, you need to create an account.
It is not possible to export workouts directly from the phone app. You need an account in order to get the workouts from one phone to another.
1) Connect to Sports-Tracker-service with your old phone if not yet connected and sync all your workouts to the web service. 

2) Once the workouts are visible in www.sports-tracker.com  in your profile, then just login to your account with the new phone and your phone will automatically sync all your workouts.

If you don't see your workouts you most likely created a new account.

Note:  Deleting a workout from web will delete it from your phone and vice versa. So never delete a workout unless you're sure you don't need it anymore.

(Sports Tracker for Symbian phone's doesn't support syncing the workouts both ways, ie. it only sends the workout to the web service.)