If you have an Apple Watch
- You can use Sports Tracker on a Standalone mode*. You don't need your iPhone with you while working out.
- Water sports supported. You can track shallow water activities like swimming*
- You can get you heart rate from the wrist HR or Sports Tracker heart rate belt (when paired with the Apple Watch)
- location tracking status icon (arrow) in the bottom right corner of tracking view, if not an indoor activity
- customize displayed tracking attributes on the watch screen while tracking
- contribute to Apple Watch activity rings
- water lock mode activation from the app UI
- keep app as active while tracking
- select activity type by rotating the crown
- more visible pause state, return numbers view when resumed
- adjusted tracking attribute font sizes and feedback for user actions

*Full stand alone mode and water resistance supported only on Apple Watch series 2 and newer.
To get location with Series 1 and older watch models you need the phone with you while tracking