Before you can start tracking with the Sports Tracker watch app you need to do the following:
You need to have the app version 4.3.1 or newer.
Make all necessary with the Apple's Watch app in the iPhone to your Apple Watch ready for use.

Get the latest Sports Tracker version the watch app will automatically update if you have not disabled automatic updates/installs from the watch settings.

Getting started (iPhone):
* login to ST iPhone app, if you have not already
* open the Apple Watch menu by tapping the Apple Watch icon on the top left corner
* follow instructions
* when you have reached "Apple Watch is set up", you are ready to track with the watch

Getting started (Apple Watch):
* open the ST watch app
* Choose Allow for prompt Allow "SportsTracker" to access your location while you are using the app? (Location required for recording activities)
* Choose OK for prompt "SportsTracker" Would Like to Access Your Motion & Fitness Activity (Required to count steps)