To improve tracking accuracy, please check a couple things first:
* You have the latest app version installed
* You have approved Location Services for Sports Tracker in your phone’s privacy settings

If you are still having tracking accuracy issues, you can try the solutions below:
* Reset your location services by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Toggle Location Services off and then on again.
* Reset your network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Privacy and Location. You will need to reconnect to all Wi-Fi networks and re-configure any custom network settings you might have had.
* Check that your phone has a working GPS chip
* Reboot your phone
* Reinstall the app. Check first that workouts on your account are synchronised to our server.

The accuracy of your workout results depends on many factors such as the quality of the GPS receiver on your phone (it varies depending on the phone model), signal strength in your area (mountains or tall buildings can cause interference), weather conditions, and how you hold your phone while exercising.

Sports Tracker uses only GPS for tracking. Other apps (for example, Google Maps) can use the "fused" location provider, which uses GPS, cell tower, Wi-Fi, and more to provide location info.