To connect the sensor, go to Sports Tracker app, Settings > Cadence, add a new bike and follow the instructions for connecting.
Problem: I try to setup the Speed & Cadence Sensor SMART, but it is not found at all. I have selected  "Connect" and followed on-screen instructions.
  • Check that you have a compatible phone: Android OS 4.3 or higher with Bluetooth Smart Support. ST version 3.9.38 and newer.
  • Check that you have Bluetooth on.
  • Other apps may be causing problems. If you see the sensor in the BT settings, remove it and start the phone. Then connect directly from the app.
  • You should place the magnet close to the sensor to "wake it up". You can do this before installation or by spinning the pedal after you have placed the sensor in your bike.
  • Try replacing the battery. Note that whenever battery of the sensor is changed, the old battery must first be put back in place UPSIDE DOWN and pressed for three seconds. After this extra step the new battery can be put in place normally. This extra step is needed to make sure that the electronics is fully reset.
  • These are rare reasons:
    • If this Speed & Cadence sensor has already been used on other phones, please check that it is not still connecting to it's old paired phone.
    • The Speed & Cadence sensor is simply physically broken.