Connect Sports Tracker with Apple Health and your daily steps are instantly visible every time you open the app as your phone automatically tracks your steps.

In addition to steps, Apple Watch owners can also import daily calories and fitness (VO2max) levels. Monitoring your progress and meeting your activity goals is now easier than ever!

How to connect Sports Tracker to Apple Health?

Go to Profile > Settings > Save to Apple Health and slide the connect to Health. You'll be directed to Health access page. You need to Turn on the data you wish to share. You can control which types of data Sports Tracker can control (read and write).
To disconnect just disable it from the same place.
You can also remove Sports Tracker from Health app> Sources

If you allow Sports Tracker to Read all data We collect all data listed in the Data sheet. (look following picture)

When I edit the workout does it updated to Health?
-The workout synchronises only once to Health app. Editing the workout doesn't sync to Health.